China-Germany Scientific Center, Beijing, China

Aims and Scope

The China-Germany Symposium on Microbes and the Environment will provide a forum for interaction and exchange between internationally recognized environmental microbiologists. The invited speakers will be from China and Germany, as well as other countries. During the symposium, participants will present and discuss the state-of-the-art on how microbes affect the biosphere and contribute to its maintenance. The scientific presentations and discussions will provide a basis for the development of cooperation projects between the participating scientists.

Microbes are ubiquitous and have profound capacities to colonize virtually all habitats of the biosphere, including soil, water, air, and the subsurface, which extends thousands of meters beneath the surface of the planet. Microbes drive the basic elemental cycles of every chemical element that is essential to the well being of humans. The in situ activities of microbes are subject to change in response to anthropogenic disturbances. Understanding these changes is basic to prognoses of how microbes contribute to ecosystem function under changing conditions. By virtue of their diverse metabolic capabilities, microbes also provide novel biocatalysts and biomaterials in new emerging technologies.

The symposium will focus on a variety of interrelated topics on (a) microbial resources, (b) interactions between microorganisms and environments, and (c) microbial-based environmental technology.