Chinese Society for Microbiology£¨CSM£©
The Chinese Society for Microbiology£¨CSM£© founded in 1952, is one of societies which comprise China Association for Science and Technology, also our society belong to a member of IUMS. The academic research activity of society involves many fields including industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental protection and national defense etc. The office of the society is in the support institute from Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Science and includes five working councils and eighteen special councils. Every year, the society publishs seven journals including Acta Microbiology Sinica , holds academic meeting more than ten times, among them the largest-scale, comprehensive conference is the annual meeting of Chinese Society for Microbiology. The society has done many effective work for developing society and for increasing friendship and promoting interchange in international exchange.
Committee on General Microbiology
Committee on Industrial Microbiology
Committee on Agricultural Microbiology
Committee on Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Committee on Veterinary Microbiology
Committee on Aetiology of Zoonoses
Committee on Mycology
Committee on Virology
Committee on Biologics
Committee on Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology
Committee on Analytical Microbiology
Committee on Model and Control of Biochemical Process
Committee on Enzyme Engineering
Committee on Environmental Microbiology
Committee on Interferon
Brewing Division
Committee on Microbial Toxins
Committee on Oceanic Microbiolog


Committee on Organization               Committee on Education
Committee on Publication                Committee on International Exchange
Committee on Technology Development and Consulting Service


The Executive Board is composed of the following members:
Honorary President: Academician Yumei Wen
President: Academician Shengli Yang
Vice President:
    Prof. Huarong Tan
    Prof. Jianguo Xu
    Prof. Weiyi Huang
    Prof. Xinmin Qian
Secretary General: Associate Prof. Changsong Xiao
Vice Secretary General: Prof. Ting Zhang


CSM supervises the publication of the following periodicals
Acta Microbiology Sinica
Chinese Journal of Biotechnology
Chinese Journal of Virology

Chinese Journal of Zoonoses

Chinese Journal of Microbiology
Virologica Sinica
Office of the Chinese Society for Microbiology (CSM)
Director: Associate Prof. Changsong XIAO
Staff: Engineer Xu WANG
Address: Chinese Society for Microbiology,
Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences,       
No. 13 Bei Yi Tiao Zhongguancun
        Beijing 100080,  P. R. China
Tel/Fax: 86-10-62554677