State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources
Head: Prof. Huang Li

  Introduction: The State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources (SKLMR), affiliated to the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1989 as part of a World Bank-sponsored project in China. The Laboratory, directed by professor Li Huang, has 20 staff members, including seven senior researchers, ten junior researchers, one technician and two secretaries. Professor Jiangchun Wei, an academician, chairs a 14-member academic committee overseeing the academic issues of SKLMR.

  Areas of interest and ongoing research activities: The SKLMR has devoted much of its efforts to the collection and evaluation of microbial resources in China, the study of basic biology of extremophiles and the exploitation of the biotechnological potential of microorganisms. The Laboratory is currently conducting research in the following four areas: (A) extremophiles; (B) bioactive substances of microbial origin; (C) biotechnology; and (D) microbiology databases.

  Facilities: The SKLMR has an array of modern instruments for microbiological and molecular biological research, including 5-liter fermenters, freeze dryers, ultra-speed, high speed and large capacity centrifuges, analytical and semi-preparative HPLC systems, an FPLC system, gas chromatographs, a GC-mass spectrometer, ultra-low temperature freezers and an inverted microscope equipped with a micromanipulator.

  Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows: The SKLMR offers Ph.D. and M.Sc. programs in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. In the past five years, the Laboratory have recruited 35 Ph.D. students, 28 M.Sc. students and trained three postdoctoral fellows. During the same period of time, 13 Ph.D. students and 12 M.Sc. students have graduated.

  Research achievements: In 2001, the SKLMR has published 27 research papers (7 of them on journal indexed in SCI) and 4 monographs. Four patent applications were filed and three patents were granted. It has also signed two agreements for technology transfer.

Mailing address: State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources
Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhong Guan Cun Beijing, 100080 P.R. China
Tel: 86-10-62624971
Fax: 86-10-62653468
Research Groups: Bacterial Taxonomy
  Genetic Mechamisms in Hyperthermophilic Archaea
  Biosynthesis and Function of Glycans in Microorganism and Human Diseases
  Extremophiles Research Group
  Biosynthesis of Chiral Compounds and Drugs
  Actinomycete Systematics and Resources
  Microbial Bioactive Substances
  China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center (CGMCC)

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