Group of Discomycetes Systematics
Prof. Zhuang Wenying
  Research Areas: Research projects were focused on the morphological and molecular systematics of different groups of discomycetes and the pyrenomycetous families Bionectriacaea and Nectriaceae. The following work has been carried out recently: 1) species diversity of cup-fungi from the tropical and northwestern China; 2) floristic studies on the Hyaloscyphaceae, Sarcoscyphaceae, Sarcosomataceae, and Pyronemataceae from China; 3) taxonomy of the genus Hymenoscyphus (Helotiaceae) from the temperate China and a preliminary approach to the phylogeny of some species of the genus based on DNA sequences of the ITS regions; 4) taxonomy of the genus Lachnum in China (Hyaloscyphaceae) and the phylogenetic relationships among some genera of the Hyaloscyphaceae based on 18S rDNA sequencing; 5) taxonomy of the Bionectriaceae and Nectriaceae.

  Research Progress: New species of ascomycetes have been found continuously in the tropical China. Corrections of the previously recorded discomycetes and Nectria-like fungi were made according to the modern taxonomic treatments. Phylogenetic relationships among certain groups of discomycetes were investigated based on DNA sequence analyses.

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Lachnum sp. 議徨糞悶

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