IMCAS | Tianjin R&D center
Tianjin Industrial Biotech R&D center

    The R&D center is located at Tianjin, a city about 120 km away from Beijing. Total area of the center is 300 Mu (20 hectares). The R&D building occupies 40,100 m2 with a construction area of 44,500 m2. The project is supported by both Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tianjin Municipal government. The agreement on collaboratively building the center had been signed between CAS and Tianjin Government on June 25, 2007.  The total investment of the project is expected to over 0.8 billion CNY (about 0.1 billion US dollar).

    It is planned that the R&D Center will have three research fields, six departments and four platforms which are shown as below:

Research Fields
Biocatalysis & Biotransformation
2 Departments:  Industrial enzymes
Biocatalysis & green chemistry

2 Departments:  Systems biotechnology & fermentation
Biorefinery and biobased chemicals

Biomedical Engineering
2 Departments:  Stem cells and tissue engineering

Research Platforms
High throughput screening platform
Microbial genomics and bioinformatics platform
Biomedical engineering platform
Fermentation and simulation platform