IMCAS | Library


  The Library of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was established on 1958. After developing for more than 46 years, spanning a floor area of over 900 square meters, It is a specialized library with a collection of more than 20,000 books in Classification of fungi and bacteriology, plant virology, microbial ecology, microbial metabolism, enzymology, microbial genetics, fermentation and so on.. The library has more than journals 800 species, more than 30000 volumes. As well as, exchanged more than 10 journals with over 10 countries and districts. In Microbiology of our countries, it is much more collected and variety of books and journals. Now two systems were completed in order to improve the management level of journals and catalogue in the institute`library, as well as there have system for interlibrarys loan and document delivery service for researchers. The library integrates the walk-in services with web-based service to meet various needs of the users.

  Work Progress: Constructed the full text of Data network, now we have seven date network, as well as has been educated and trained for persons in date networks. Completed to set up system for interlibrary loan and document delivery service, after putting to use, more than 400 have been serviced for the institutes of CAS and Universities, so were commended upon our service in document delivery service. As well as we set up the web-based information system of Modern electronic library, in order to manage journals and catalogue of library. Now this system has been used searching and viewing. At same time, we look back upon the date of the books and journals.