Wenjun (Frank) Liu
Ph.D., Professor


Center for Molecular Virology
Institute of Microbiology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tel : 86-10-64807367
E-mail: liuwj@im.ac.cn

Brief Biograph
D.V. M., College of Veterinary Medicine of Beijing Agricultural University, Beijing, China. 1978/3-1982/12
Master, Science in Animal Histology and Embryology at Beijing Agricultural University, Beijing, China. 1982/8-1985/8
Ph. D, Molecular & Cell Biology at University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. 1991/5-1996/5
Research Assistant, College of Veterinary Medicine of Beijing Agricultural University, 1986-1987.
Assistant Professor, Animal Virology at Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences of Beijing Agricultural University, 1987-1991.
Visiting Scientist, Swine Disease Unit of National Animal Disease Center, USDA, 1989.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Medicine of University of Oklahoma Medical Center, 1996-1997.
Research Scientist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Program in Molecular and Cell Biology, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 1997-2000.
Senior Scientist, Genzyme Corporation, 2000-2004
Professor,Director, the Center for Molecular Virology, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2004-present.

Research Interests
Our research mainly focuses on following areas, such as the molecular mechanisms of interspecies transmission of avian influenza virus, molecular evolution, pathogenicity and epidemiology biology of animal RNA viruses, and development of new antiviral drugs.
1. Understanding the molecular mechanism of avian influenza virus (AIV) infection and determining the interaction between AIV matrix protein and human host factors.
2. Building research platform for understanding molecular evolution of animal RNA viruses, such as swine influenza virus, avian infectious bronchitis virus, avian infectious bursal disease virus and others.
3. Exploring and developing new type of antiviral drugs and immunostimulators including the interferon and small molecular therapeutic antibody.

1. “The interaction between pathogens and host/cellular factors” supported by the science supporting platform of the Ministry of Science and Technology P.R. China, 2006-2010.
2. “The pathogenesis of avian influenza virus and the development of new type nano-grade therapeutic antibody” supported by the 10th “five-year plan” project of Ministry of Science and Technology P.R. China, 2005-2007.
3. “Molecular mechanism of interaction between viral protein-host intracellular proteins” supported by the 973 Program of China, 2005-2010.
4. “China-Japan research collaboration on emerging and re-emerging Infections” supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China and the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, 2006-2010.
5. “Pathogenic mechanism and immunological control on emerging and re-emerging pathogen” supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China and the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, 2007-2010.
6. “The research and application of molecular biology of animal virus” supported by “One hundred talent program”, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2007-2010.
7. “Interspecies transmission mechanism on avian influenza virus and Molecular mechanism of infectious pathogen” supported by Project Direction in Agricultural Sciences Section , Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2007-2010.
8. “Research and Demonstration on Rabies Virus Detection and Prevention Technology” supported by Public welfare projects of Ministry of Agriculture.2008-2010.
9. “Molecular Evolution Platform on Pathogen Virus Diseases” supported by the 10th “five-year plan” project of Ministry of Science and Technology P.R. China, 2006-2010. (Closed)

Awards and Honors
1. First place of Scientific Achievement Award of People’s Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture, 1990.
2. Japanese government scholarship 1991.
3. Associate Member of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society since 1994.
4. National Institutes of Health scholarship, 1994.
5. National Institutes of Health young scientist grant, 1996.
6. American Society of Hematology junior research fellow award, 1997.
7. "One-Hundred Talent" Investigator, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 2004
8. Thomson Reuters Research Fronts Award, 2008

1. Feline Interferon ω and its Application. Patent No. ZL200510089864.6.
2. Swine Interferonγ and its Application. Patent No. 200710120248.1.
3. An Improved Swine Interferonγand its Application. Patent No. 200710176867.2.
4. Feline Interferonαits Application.Patent No. 200610112963.6.
5. An ELISA Kit for Rabies Virus Detection. Patent No. 200610113337.9.

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Laboratory Staff
Dr. Yiping Zhu    Assistant Professor
Dr. Lei Sun      Assistant Professor
Limin Yang      Research Assistant
Xiaojuan Jia     Research  Assistant
Jiani Cai        Research  Assistant
Rongge Zhu      Technician
Xianhua Fu       Technician
Tingjian Liu       Technician
Xi Liang       Technician
Lin Liu       Secretary

Graduate Students
Zengfu Wang     (2005-2008)
Xiaoling Liu      (2005-2008)
Qinghua Xue    (2005-2008)
Maorong Yu    (2006-2009)
Shanshan Meng   (2006-2009)
Chongfeng Xu    (2006-2009)
Shuai Cao     (2007-2009)
Ke Zhang     (2005-2009)
Caiwei Chen    (2006-2011)
Shanshan Wang   (2006-2011)
Xuemei Chen    (2006-2011)
Zhendong Zhao   (2007-2012)
Shengyan Gao    (2007-2012)
Dingyong Zhang   (2007-2012)
Lu Lu       (2008-2013)
Zheng Li      (2008-2013)