Juncai Ma
Senior Engineer


Institute of Microbiology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tel: 86-10-64807422
E-mail: ma@im.ac.cn

Research Area
Currently he is mainly engaged in the research work on bioinformatics, bio-grid and parallel indexing, etc. Meanwhile, he is in charge of the development of such significant projects as China Microbial Resource Database, Information Network System of CAS Biology Specimen Museum, Microbial Information Gateway of National Scientific Digital Library, E-Science Bio-Grid as well as Information Network of Chinese Biotechnology and Industry.

Education & Professional Experience
Assistant Director of Institute of Microbiology, CAS;
2006, Ph.D., Biological Resource Department of Mie University, Japan;
The Deputy Chairman of the Expert Committee on CAS Database, Director of Committee on Type Culture Collection, CAS, commissioner of CODATA Chinese National Committee, and executive of WFCC.

Current Research
The Information Network Center of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is in charge of the Chinese national nodes of the Integrated Data Center of Information Network System for CAS Biology Specimen Museum, the Microbiology Sub-center of China Biodiversity Information Center and the International Microbiological Strain Data Network. It devotes itself into the collection, reorganization and network sharing of the microbiological information resource and undertakes many tasks such as the national scientific data sharing project, the national scientific digital library and the informatization of CAS. Now it has already established a series of microbiological resource databases and the fungi digital specimen museum. By closely integrating bioinformatics platform with microbiological resource data, it has successively developed China Microbiological Resource Information Network, China Biotechnology Information Network, China Bio-mirror Network, China Bio-Grid, and the Avian Flue Information Network, on which the accessible information amounts to over 1TB, making it the largest gateway website in the field of microbiology.

Selected publications
[1] Jinhua Liu, Haixia Xiao, Fumin Lei, Qingyu Zhu, Kun Qin, Xiaowei Zhang, Xinglin Zhang, Deming Zhao, Guihua Wang, Youjun Feng, Juncai Ma, Wenjun Liu, Jian Wang, George F. Gao. Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza Virus Infection in Migratory Birds. Science. 309:1206, 2005.
[2] Juncai MA. Development of Information Infrastructure for Microbiological Study on China. International Symposium on Microbial Resources, August 6-8, 2002, Kunming, China.
[3] Juncai MA. Microbiological Information Resources in China. Symposium on Biodiversity Information Network, 2000, December 1-4, Seoul, Korea.
[4] Juncai MA, S. Miyazaki, H. Sugawara. A handy database for culture collections worldwide: CCINFO-PC. Computer Applications in the Biosciences (CABIOS) 11(2):209- 212,1995. OXFORD University Press, ISSN 0266-7061.
International Cooperative Projects
China Node of International Bio-Mirror Network, 2000.

Pengtao Liu  Engineer  liupt@im.ac.cn
Yimeilao   Associate Engineer  lao@ im.ac.cn
Linhuan Wu  Researcher Assistant  wulh@ im.ac.cn
Xiaomeng Du  Researcher Assistant  duxm@im.ac.cn


Visiting Scholars
ICHIYANAGI Yoshihiro (from Japan)  ichan@im.ac.cn
HATANO Shoji (from Japan)  qin@im.ac.cn